Printing Techniques

We have the ability to offer a wide range of techniques which means we can handle all types of orders for small orders up to large run orders. Our team have years of experience in the printing industry and we will be able to advise which technique would be best for you depending your design and your needs.

We have various screen printing machines which means we can offer large quantities of printed garments per day and we can get these turned around quickly for yourself if needed, with speed and quality assurances.

We can also offer various different Direct to Garment (DTG) machines depending on your needs as different machines have different finishes with our main machine being a Brother GTX. Using the DTG printing method, we can do short print runs as well as large print runs if this is needed for your artwork. We can also provide high quality embroidery for a classic finish and long lasting finish suited for workwear and staff uniforms.

Below you can click into each individual technique to get more information on each technique.