Garment Finishing

After your garments have been printed, there are many ways to really elevate your printed products to retail quality garments by adding some garment finishing touches to your products. There are many different options and you can discuss with our printing experts what exactly you are looking for and they will help guide you. It can be as simple as us folding and bagging the garments in plastic or eco friendly bags so that they arrive clean and ready to be shipped out. We can rebrand the garment by removing both the existing label and wash care instructions, and adding in your brand by printing inside the neck or customised neck labels. Doing this really helps your client feel like they are getting a fully bespoke item rather than just an off the shelf item. If your garments are going into retail store, we can print and kimble on swing tags so people can see information on your brand. This will also help raise the perceived value of your brand and garment. For a lot of our clients, their garments are going to a sorting facility before being shipped out, so they need to have SKU code stickers added to the garments for ease of sorting when they reach the facility. We can not only provide the stickers, we also apply the stickers to the polyester bag, so when your order reaches the sorting facility, they are ready to be scanned and shipped to your waiting clients. The other options for stickers would be adding a size sticker onto the bags, so you can easily sort them when you open the box of your brand new printed garments.

Folding & Bagging

A very simple and easy way to increase your finished garment by getting us to fold and poly bag the garment keeping your garment fresh and clean. This will also protect them when they are in transit and allow them to be easily sorted when you receive the products.

Swing Tags

Adding swing tags to your printed garments can give it a real high quality and polished finished. We can print the tag to your specification and then we can kimble it onto the garment. When these are on the garment, swing tags transform the garment into a retail quality garment.

Printing Inside Neck

Printing inside the neck of your garment can really elevate your branding. We would remove the current garment label, so there would be no mention of the t-shirt brand and print your brand logo inside the neck with the wash care instructions and the garment sizes.

Woven Neck Labels

Another option to push your garment to a fully customised branded t-shirt is to added woven or printed labels inside the neck. These really add something special and can include your branding as well as the wash care and garment information.

Hem Labels

This is another simple idea that can push your branding without the need for lots of information inside the neck. A very simple label with your brand at the side or the bottom of the garment so clients can identify the garments and allows for a nice branding area.

Stickers on Bags

After your garments have been folded and bagged, they may be heading to a fulfilment house. In order to make this easier, we can add stickers to the bags. Clients may need a barcode, or SKU codes on the stickers, or just a simple size sticker, all which help to save time and money.