Wash Care Guide

There is nothing better than getting your delivery from 1WorldPrint and opening your brand new printed garments. Your garments need to be carefully looked after post printing to ensure they last for the longest amount of time available. We have set out some steps that will allow for you to have the longest possible amount of time out of your printed garments.

  1. Wash Inside Out
    This is a very simple step but can make a huge difference to the longevity of your printed garments. Turning the print inside out will protect the print against the other items in your cycle

  2. Wash On A Low Temperature
    The lower heat you wash your garments will also help reduce the risk of damage to both the print and the material. The lower temperature is also better for the environment so it’s a double win.

  3. Do Not Tumble Dry
    We always recommend naturally drying your garments as the introduction of high heat from the tumble dryer can damage the print and material.

  4. Iron Inside Out
    If you need to iron your garment, we recommend ironing it inside out as sometimes the prints can get caught on the iron and ruin both your iron and the print. We also recommend using the lower iron setting.

    Please note all the information provided is advice but 1WorldPrint will not accept responsibility for any issue during the washing process.