Merchandise Printing

Here at 1WorldPrint, we pride ourselves on being experts in printed promotional merchandising. We provide high quality cost effective promotional merchandising. Your brand can use promotional merchandising to help push brand recognition, as well as increasing customer retention. Printed promotional merchandising really can be a fantastic old school method of advertising.

Using printed promotional merchandising has proven time and time again to create a lasting impression on clients. It can be used in a multitude of ways, the best example being at event expositions, where you will see 1000’s of pieces of merchandise being given away to potential clients at each stall or you can add products to a clients order if you are selling other products, in order to up-sell some of your other products.

The products shown are just a range of what we can provide within the printed merchandising world. We offer over 90,000 merchandise products, so we are sure to stock what you have in mine. We also provide bespoke merchandising and help you with the process from initial idea, to mock up, to the final finished product.

With more and more people trying to become plastic free, branded water bottles are a great way to keep clients reminded of your brand, as they get in their daily hydration. We offer a wide range of bottle types that come in all shape and sizes, so are sure to stock what you are looking for.

Branded powerbanks offer a vast space for your logo as well as being a practical promotional items for your clients. Clients will take the product and your brand everywhere they go so they don’t run out of battery when they are about to send that all important email.

Branded pens are a staple of event merchandising. They are items that everyone uses and will carry with them. Branded pens offer a cost effective branding solution to showcase your logo, and will always be on your clients desk, which increases brand awareness.

Printed Lanyards continue to be one of our best selling products. We have a wide range of materials available, with our organic range growing in popularity at pace. Please get in touch with your lanyard needs and we will be able to guide you.

Branded notepads make a fantastic promotional item for corporate gifts, and are also great to giveaway at events. Most companies also see all staff using branded notepads as essential. We offer a wide range of materials and techniques as well as offering full bleed coverage on the front cover.

We offer a full range of branded mugs from classic ceramic mugs to stylish travelling mug. This is a printed promotional product everyone will be delighted to use daily whilst displaying your brand, as they get their daily coffee intake.

Branded umbrellas offer a high end product, that can make a real impression on your customer. We offer a wide range of branded umbrellas, as well as a range of colours. You can brand just the one panel, 50% of the panels, or if you are looking for maximum effect you can brand every panel.

Are you trying to be more eco friendly about your merchandising? We have a whole range of eco branded merchandising, that would be ideal for you and your brand.We have an ever growing range of eco products, as every year the world becomes more eco conscious.

And much more...

These items above are our top selling items, but we offer over 90,000 merchandise products, so we are almost certain to stock what you are looking for. Please do get in touch with your requirements, and we will be happy to help you. We can also offer a bespoke range of products.

Please call or email if you are looking for an item that isn't seen above.