Eco Range

Are you trying to be more eco-friendly about your merchandise? We have a whole range of eco branded merchandising, that would be ideal for you and your brand. We have an ever-growing range of eco products, as every year the world becomes more eco-conscious

We recognise it is important that we all do our bit for the environment and using eco-friendly printed merchandise will help resonate a good brand message with your clients. Most of our products come with an eco-friendly option as we realise this is something that a lot of companies look for, and something as a company 1WorldPrint are trying to promote. 

Some items to consider would be to use eco-friendly coffee cups or even notepads using recycled paper. 

Another fantastic eco-friendly option is printed tote bags which your clients can reuse over again when in shops which works as a great walking advert for your company. Eco-Friendly products can be a really great talking point as they can be made from unusual materials like bamboo or even recycled CD cases so it will stay in the minds of your customers and leave a lasting impression.