Branded umbrellas offer a high-end product that can make a real impression on your customer. We offer a wide range of branded umbrellas, as well as a range of colours. You can brand just one panel, 50% of the panels, or if you are looking for maximum effect you can brand every panel. Printed umbrellas are a popular choice for merchandising as they have a long life and this gives them a high perceived value. It is estimated that there are on average 111 rainy days in the UK, so this is a really useful product. 

Printed umbrellas offer a large printing area which is ideal for companies wanting to promote their brand and there are options to suit every budget. We can supply simple printed umbrellas all the way up to gold umbrellas, telescopic and something even as big as garden parasols for outdoor events. As we have such a big range of printed umbrellas there will be something that suits your company. We can offer from one colour print to full-colour print as well as printing on a varying amount of panels so you can kick back and only worry about the weather!