All Over Printing

All over print designs are created with a process called dye sublimation. Dye sublimation is a process of printing all over a garment, which allows us to print edge to edge onto material. Your artwork is printed onto large sheets of transfer paper, and then it is sublimated onto the garment. Sublimation is typically done on 100% polyester material but we offer some poly cotton blend options as well. The finish creates a fantastic and powerful impact, and is becoming increasingly popular for some of our clients who are looking for something a little bit different. The print is vibrant and it is unusual to see, as with other printing techniques you are limited to the print size as you cannot print on, or close to, the seams.

All Over Print

When using all over dye sublimation, most people opt for producing all over dye t-shirts. We can use either a poly cotton blend t-shirt or 100% polyester t-shirts. All over dye produces vibrant prints and a truly unique finish.

All Over Print Tote Bags

All over dye tote bags have become a very popular choice in the last year, as the world is trying to reduce the use of plastic. All over dye tote bags catch the eye much more than a standard tote bag would, and make a great supermarket companion.

All Over Print Towels

Added to our catalogue due to popular demand. We produce both tea towel and beach sized towels. These towels are composed of micro-fibre on the front and cotton on the back.