Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) is a fairly new process on the market but has been on a very steady rise over the past few years. DTG printing involves a large machine which prints ink directly onto the garment, similar to a large scale industrial version of a paper printer. We print onto white garments as well as coloured / black garments. DTG printing is ideal for short runs, but with inks becoming cheaper over time, bulk DTG prints are now not uncommon. When printing onto white or natural garments, you do not need to put down a base on the garment, so it is a very quick process, that gives a crisp full colour image that sinks into the garment so the ink cannot be felt on the garment. When printing onto black or coloured garments, there needs to be an there needs to be an under base put on to the garment, in order for the ink to stay fixed on the t-shirt, which means the print can be felt, whilst still being soft. When providing artwork for DTG printing, the best format to provide this in would be a PNG file with a transparent background, created at 300 DPI, especially if the print is going onto colour garments.

If you are printing onto white garments, we can accept JPEG files as long as the file has been created at 300 DPI. There are no set up fees for DTG printing, meaning it can be a more cost effective solution, whilst providing a fantastic quality finish. Direct to Garment printing can only be used on garments that are at least 80% cotton. This means Direct to Garment printed t-shirts are the most common followed by Direct to Garment printed hoodies. We have a range of sweaters that are at least 80% cotton. Direct to Garment printed sweatshirts provide a fantastic finish as well. If you are looking for bright and colourful tote bags, we offer Direct To Garment printed tote bags, and if the tote bags are natural or white, the print sinks right into the garment providing a soft and eco friendly finish on the printed tote bags.

White / Light Garments

Direct to Garment printing onto white garments is one of our quickest printing techniques, as there is no need for a pre treatment and the garment can go straight into the printer and is ready to be printed. Onto white or very light garments, the print sinks into the garment meaning you can’t feel it on the t-shirt and it provides a high quality vibrant print that lasts for years.

Coloured Garments

Printing Direct to Garment onto coloured garments takes slightly longer, as you need to first add pretreatment the garment, in order for the print to stick to the fabric. Direct to Garment printing onto coloured provides amazing results, with high quality vibrant prints that are still cost effective. You can watch the journey of printing Direct to Garment onto a coloured garment below.