Jumbo Screen Printing with 1WorldPrint

Are you looking to print an oversized print onto your t-shirts and hoodies? Are you tired of being told standard screen printing restrictions?

Jumbo Screen Printing Available In The UK From 1WorldPrint

Here at 1WorldPrint, we offer Jumbo Screen Printing to allow you to create large oversized prints. 

Jumbo screen printing begins its life in a similar fashion to standard screen printing, using film to burn out screens, however, the screens for Jumbo screen printing allow you to print 45cm by 55cm. This is a really great fashion-forward way to create a big statement print.

We always like to be ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge printing technology and this is a fantastic way to stand out from the competition.

Jumbo Oversized Screen Printing Available from 1WorldPrint

You can pair jumbo screen printing with an alternative printing technique to create a really unique garment. For example, you could use embroidery on the front of the garment and then jumbo screen printing on the back. We have seen more and more fashion brands asking us for these types of dual-process garments, and we really love to see the end product. 

If you have a full-colour image, you could pair a Direct to Garment print on the front with the jumbo screen print on the back. There are so many possibilities with this.

With jumbo screen printing, you can produce a much larger print than with standard screens, and make it look like the print has taken over the garment, and leads to spectacular results. Even onto the back of a small t-shirt, it would be possible to use our jumbo t-shirts so you don’t need to worry too much about the garment size. Jumbo screen printing is a perfect option if you are looking to produce a large print on a large surface area. 

Oversized jumbo screen print in process

Screen printing is the best value printing technique as you can see below from 5 of the best reasons to screen print garments.

  1. The larger the print run, the more economical the price will be. This is Ideal for bulk garment printing

  2. Screen printing can be produced quickly on big orders and it is perfect for tight deadlines. Ideal for express garment printing.

  3. Screen printing produces the highest quality finish.

  4. Screen printing is the only technique that offers a Pantone match which is ideal for large brands who need to stay true to their brand colours.

  5. Ideal for oversized printing, as screen printing allows for the largest covering with jumbo screens

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Helen Anderton

Content Writer @1WorldPrint