How custom printed tote bags can help you improve your business

A quality screen printed tote bag can speak louder than words about your brand or business. Custom tote bags printed with your company logo or brand ensure you stay in your customers’ minds for a longer period of time. This is part of the reason companies, both small and large, are highly reliant on printed custom tote bags to get their message to their target audience, and to build brand recognition.   

Think about how many tote bags you have at your disposal at home, and how often you now carry a tote bag around with you. As the world is trying to become environmentally friendly, more people are carrying a tote bag around with them, and the majority of people taking tote bags on their weekly shopping trips in order to cut down on the use of plastic bags.

If you give a personalised tote bag with your logo on it as a gift at your next conference to business partners, your brand will stick to those people’s minds for several months and even years, boosting your business opportunities like no other. One thing that will never change is the fact that everyone loves a freebie. When was the last time you were at an exhibition and you didn’t see companies handing out tote bags?

Reasons To Use Custom Tote Bags To Help Grow Your Business:

1. We All Love Businesses With A Green Vibe

Tote bag sales have soared as they are now often used as a replacement for the plastic bag, which thankfully people are trying to stay away from, due to the harm they caused to the planet, plus the price supermarkets are charging their customers (which we agree with as they are trying to cut down on plastic use). Taking a few tote bags to the weekly shop has now become common practice with people across the UK. 

If you want to go the extra mile, use promotional tote bags that are eco-friendly such as organic cotton totes, which means that the cotton was grown without pesticides and other harmful ingredients for the environment and people and that the production of such cotton supports local businesses and communities.

2. Custom Totes Turn Into Free Promotion For Your Business

A printed tote bag with the name of your business or logo will be used over and over. This means each and every time it is used, people will be introduced or reminded about your business, often subconsciously. 

A recent study showed that a customised printed tote bag can be seen by up to 5,100 people, and is used on average for 7 months after being received. When you think that people are still giving out flyers, which almost instantly get thrown away, it is truly an amazing number and means that tote bags are the most cost-effective marketing tool to date. 

When you consider the above, it is worth noting that whilst it is often tempting to go for the cheapest option, we believe that you should be looking for a durable bag, as this means firstly it will last longer, and secondly, it will be used more often. You won’t create a good impression with a cheap tote bag that rips after the first use, and you only get one chance at making a good impression. 

Screen-printed tote bags available from 1WorldPrint

3. Printed Tote Bags Are A Great For StartUps / Businesses On A Small Budget

For smaller businesses, new startups, or companies who are recovering from damage caused by the recent pandemic, every penny counts. 

Buying printed tote bags in bulk can really drive down the price, and can come in below the £1.00 per unit mark, even for a mid-range bag, which makes tote bags the perfect giveaway at your next event. 

4. Choice Of Decoration

Tote bags are very versatile, and although most of our clients go for screen-printed tote bags, there is also the option of Direct To Garment,  Embroidery,  Transfer Printing or Dye Sublimation. Each technique has its own advantages and can be seen on the highlighted links. 

All Over Dye Sublimation Tote Bags | Available from 1WorldPrint

We do hope this has been useful and want to remind you that we are here for any other questions you may have, or for any additional information you require.You can get a quote by clicking the Get A Quote button at the bottom. You can also email at: or call us on: 0208 064 1315.

Helen Anderton

Content Writer @1WorldPrint