Event Printing

Event and conference planning can take a full year of preparation as these large scale events take whole teams of people dedicated to them. Here at 1WorldPrint we want to take the stress out of your printed event garments and printed event merchandise. We have a wide range of items than you can use at events, from staff t-shirts for event organisers and staff lanyards, to promotional merchandising for companies who are on the stands to help push their brand. There are so many opportunities at events to help push your brand and here at 1WorldPrint we hope to help you open your eyes to the branding possibilities. Please do get in touch and one of printing experts can discuss your printed event garment needs.

Ideas for Event Printing

Below we have highlighted some ideas of how printed garments and printed merchandise can help push your branding at an event and make a lasting impression on your clients, who are there to see you. We hope you can use this as inspiration on how you can push forward your brand message during your event and how printed event merchandising can help with your return of investment. It is thought that 73% of customers are likely to use a promotional product once a week. By providing quality merchandising at your event, you will remain memorable to your clients who visit. These are just a few ideas but the possibilities are endless, so please get in touch.

Printed T-shirts for Events

This is a staple for the events industry and with good reason. If you are on a stand, it allows people to easily recognise your brand when they are talking to you during your demonstrations. T-shirts are also very comfortable and can be reused if you have multiple events. You can see our best selling t-shirts here, but we offer over 5000 t-shirts in our range so please get in touch to discuss.

Printed Lanyards for Events

Printed lanyards are an essential part of an event, and almost part of the furniture. It is a fantastic branding opportunity, when you think that every single person who walks through the doors wear one. This is the reason you will find that the lanyards are often sponsored by a particular brand. They can also work if you have a big team on a stand and it means your customers can easily identify your staff and who to ask regarding demonstrations and information.

Printed Tote Bags for Events

Using printed event tote bags can provide a fantastic return of investment. It can serve multiple purposes, as you have the ability to load the tote bag with other information about your company or event. In addition, a tote bag is a wonderfully reusable eco product that people will keep and carry your brand about while they go about their daily life. Printed tote bags can be very cost effective if you are on a budget but really push your brand with a really simple product.

Printed Water Bottles for Events

Another great eco friendly option. Printed water bottles for events allow a really premium product to be given to your client and this is something people are looking to use time and again. This shows you are eco conscious and are providing a much higher giveaway product than a simple pen for instance. We offer a wide range of metal and BPA free bottles. The customer will go away happy knowing they have a promotional product that can be used time and again.

Embroidered Workwear for Events

Embroidered workwear for events is another way to elevate your brand to the next level with high quality embroidery on outer jackets and fleeces. If your event is taking place outdoors and you want to keep your staff warm but also show off your brand, this can be a fantastic middle ground. These can be reused time and again if you have multiple outdoor events throughout the year. Providing embroidered caps is a great way to keep your staff easily recognisable.

Printed Powerbanks for Events

There is nothing worse than your phone running out of battery at an event. With this in mind, why not provide printed power banks for your clients at events. Printed power banks are a great product, as in this on-the-go in modern world we live in, they will carry this (and your brand) with them through the event and beyond. Customers will be really impressed with this premium product .