Bulk Printing

Here at 1WorldPrint, we specialise in producing large runs of customised printed garments for brands and customers all over the UK and Europe. We have the capacity to provide high quality bulk printed garments to yourself, and when you combine this with our speed and professionalism, you will soon have no need to look elsewhere for future clothing and merchandise orders.

Whatever your needs may be, we will find a way to provide consistently high quality garments. As we offer a wide range of printing techniques we have many ways to help you on your bulk printed garment journey. We also offer a wide range of garments so whatever you need printed, we are sure we will be able to provide it to yourself efficiently and at the highest standard.

We have highlighted below options we use depending on your artwork and the quantity you are looking for. In the last few years Direct to Garment printed bulk garments have become increasing popular, as the ink prices have come down a lot in the last few years, allowing us to pass the savings on to our clients. Direct to Garment provides wonderful full colour designs that don’t incur set up costs. As you increase the scale, we can offer screen printed bulk garments, which as the quantity increases, helps reduce the price per unit. With screen printing, the fewer colours you have in your design, the cheaper the unit price will become.

For people in the workwear industry, we also provide bulk embroidered garments. As with all printing techniques, the more garments you get embroidered the cheaper the unit price per unit is as there is a small set up fee for embroidered designs.

We also provide bulk printed merchandising as well, if you are looking for a one stop company that can provide merchandising and garment printing. Combining your merchandise supplier with your clothing supplier allows for one contact, one invoice and one delivery. Our aim is to simplify. Merchandising can help complement the printed bulk garments and create an ever lasting impression on your customers.


250 - 499 Units

This is the our smallest level for bulk t-shirt printing. Depending on the artwork we can use Direct to Garment printing garments. If your artwork is single or even two colour and you need a pantone match then Screen Printed garments would be the best option. We also provide embroidered garments in this range. If you are printing 250 plus garments, screen printing, embroidery or DTG will almost certainly be your best option.


500 - 999 Units

This is our medium batch run. Hitting the 500 unit mark helps reduce the price per unit by a substantial amount. In this bulk bracket we would recommend we provide screen printed garments.This price point is also the when you would benefit from a sliding scale in embroidered garment prices, as we can now offer a scaling of pricing. 500+ units is when DTG is not really your best option, as screen printing would be much faster, and cheaper, with the bonus of being able to pantone match.


1000 - 2499 Units

When going over the 1000 unit mark, you can really see the price come down, and screen printed garments garments really come into their own. As you scale up production with screen printing, we can really start to offer serious volume discounts on your printed garments. The more colours you have, the more expensive the unit price can be, but at this scale the difference isn’t too noticeable at all. In these larger batches as well, custom embroidered garments also become very cost effective.We also offer bespoke made to order garments within this range.


2500 - 4999 Units

In batches of over 2500 units, we can offer some serious volume discounts for printed garments and offer cheap t-shirt printing. With our bulk screen printed garments, we can offer a low cost per unit due to the scaling the order up. With this kind of mass t-shirt printing, we can offer the best possible price for you and your brand. We also offer bulk embroidered garments for cost effective pricing for 2500+ garments as once the machine is running, loading it with garments is the easy part.


Screen Printing Capacity

When you come to us for bulk screen printed garments, there is no need to worry about quality, or about cutting your deadline fine with the machinery available to us.

We have 6 automatic screen printing machines, which consist of three 12 head machines and threes small 8-head machines which give us a daily capacity of around 6000 daily garments per machine depending on the design needed. This is during standard working hours, but during peak season this almost doubles, as we run a 24 hour split shift pattern, to ensure every order is delivered on time and completed to the highest of standards.