Marketing Agencies

Garment Printing for Marketing Agencies

Trying to market your company is a very difficult job and you need to try to get the tone and feel of your brand right. There are a multitudes of ways to market yourself in the digital age, but traditional marketing materials can go a long way. Here at 1WorldPrint, we understand the needs of B2B clients and work in tandem with marketing agencies to help their clients via printed clothing and printed promotional merchandise. Printed garments for marketing can help raise the profile of your company via brand recognition or via a giveaway. We offer a wide range of garments, so it is not just limited to printed t-shirts for marketing. Maybe you are an outdoor brand, so why not think about some embroidered bags for your brand.

Maybe you are a sports brand so why not look at printed sportswear. Our printing experts will help guide you and advise what would be best for you and your client.

Printed Merchandise for Marketing Agencies

Further to printed garments for marketing agencies, we also have a wide range of printed promotional merchandise. We have are a wide range of items available and ideas to help you here.People have, and always will, love promotional items and will be very inclined to keep it if it is branded with a brand they respect. We have some simple items like printed pens and printed note pads, which can make a impact on your customers, however we do not have any limits in what we can do. If you really look into what your clients brand offers, we offer more bespoke promotional merchandising. We are always here to help you and discuss your options.

We are want to be seen as part of your team and we will always advise with your best intentions in mind and want to be thought of more of an extension of your company.