Printing for Influencers

Printed Garments for Influencers

Influencer marketing is a huge part of our marketing culture in the 21st century, along with the rise of YouTube stars. Here at 1WorldPrint, we help influencers and YouTube personalities engage with their audience through printed garments and merchandise. This has worked successfully for so many influencers throughout the years, and merchandise sales now make up a huge percentage of influencer’s income. We understand the exclusive needs of influencers and their target audience, and our expert team are here to guide you.

There are many different ways you can approach printed garments for your instagram account or your YouTube channel. It could be as straight forward as your logo on the merchandising, which your fans will love to show off, or if you have a catchphrase that you use this could be printed on the garment. Setting up a good merchandising range involves knowing your audience, which you will know best. Attractive and interesting merchandising will transform your fans into customers and they will be proud to wear your merchandising.

Printed Merchandise for Influencers

As well as garments for influencers, we also have a range of printed merchandise that would be great for influencers and YouTube stars. Whatever your audience, we are sure at 1WorldPrint we will have printed merchandising to help engage your audience. For make-up bloggers, we provide branded make-up bags with your name on it. For Twitch streamers and E-Games influencers, we provide phone cases with your slogan or brand on them. If you are wanting to start small and build up some steam, we can offered printed enamel badges which can start out cost effective and can be sold as an exclusive item to your followers, to measure interest. We also have started a range of printed socks which people are going crazy for as they offer a big branding space as well as being a very eco friendly product.

We also have options for influencers who want something more bespoke, and have imagined something more unique. If you get in touch with our staff, we can discuss what you are looking for and provide a quote for a unique product, that is suited just to you and your loyal following. Get in touch now with our printing experts and start your journey of engaging directly with your loyal following.