Education Industry

Printed Garments for the Education Industry

The education industry is one of our most important industries in the UK, as we seek to inspire and encourage the new generations. We understand that various people in the education industry will have different printing needs and we love to help manage them.

We provide a wide range of printed children’s clothing for nursery and primary school aged children. This could included embroidered school uniform polo shirts and embroidered school jumpers. One of the other popular options is embroidered school bags with the school logo embroidered on the bag, so all the children have the same uniformed bag.

We also provide printed leavers hoodies for any students leaving school, college or university and we can assist in the design if needed. We have a range of hoodies for you to choose from, if you are looking for zipped or over the head hoodies we have all bases covered.

In addition to the above we offer printed hoodies for school trips. When a group of students are going on a student trip, in the UK or abroad, it is essential for them to have some form of garment to be easily identified.

Printed Merchandise for the Education Industry

The education industry can also benefit from printed merchandising which can range from branded school packs that include branded pencils, branded erasers and branded sharpeners. For teachers who are in charge of the school supplies, we supply branded lanyards with the school name or logo on it for your ID cards. If you are in charge of a group who are slightly older then we have a wide range of printed merchandising for freshers fairs. There are a wide range of items that can appeal to new students including branded tea bags for their student halls or branded water bottles so they can take water to lectures and carry your brand about with them.

For people who are in charge of university societies, we can provide printed society garments, to help the people in the society look good and create a branded uniform. These can also help attract new members to your student society. For any events that you are showcasing at, it is good to have printed pop up roller banners and these can be provided as a very cost effective price and is something that can be used time and again. These can be a great investment for any one who is exhibiting at any student event. Please do get in touch with our printing experts and they will help guide you through this journey with great advice on how we can help the education sector with their printing requirements.