Our picks for the best brands for T-Shirt printing.

Entering into the world of printed t-shirts can be a daunting process and here at 1WorldPrint, we want to give you simple advice on which t-shirt brands would be best for your t-shirt printing. At 1WorldPrint, we have a wide selection of high-quality blank t-shirt ready to be customised for you. We are going to take a look individually at various brands and give some information for you to make an informed decision on what suits your printing needs most.

AS Colour

We took a deep dive in the full AS Colour range in a previous blog, however here we are going to focus on their t-shirt range. AS Colour produce a wide range of t-shirts that are available to be printed on. All of AS Colour’s garment feature high-quality cotton, that is carefully sourced from the best places all over the world. They take part in many social initiatives, that look to better the lives of people who work in cotton production. We are also an approved AS Colour printer, which is a great mark of respect that they trust us with their garments.

AS Colour – 5051 Basic Tee
This is the most cost-effective t-shirt that AS Colour provides, it is a lightweight 160gsm cotton t-shirt. It comes with an easy tear-out label which is great if you decide you want to print inside the neck of the garment with our garment finishing options. The composition of the garment is cotton which means it is suitable for full-colour Direct To Garment prints, too. These can also be screen printed. We would not recommend using embroidery on a lightweight garment, which brings us to the next garment.

AS Colour – 5026 Classic Tee

This is a heavier-weight garment that a lot of music clients really enjoy using for their printed band merchandising. This a 220gsm garment and it uses combed cotton, which is better quality cotton compared to the 5051 garments. Due to the heavier weight of the garment, it is more suited to embroidery compared to the 5051 garment. This is suitable for Direct to Garment and Screen Printing the same as the other AS Colour garments.

AS Colour – 5001 Staple Tee / 5001G Staple Organic Tee

This is the most commonly used t-shirt from AS Colour. The price point sits between the two previously mentioned garments. This 180gsm t-shirt comes in the biggest range of colours in the AS colour t-shirt range, which you can see below. This is a really comfortable and soft t-shirt, we are big fans of this here at 1WorldPrint and this is the t-shirt we have chosen for our company uniform so it has our seal of approval!

Stanley / Stella

We love the Stanley / Stella range here at 1WorldPrint, this is due to them providing consistently high-quality organic cotton t-shirts that are ready to be printed. The t-shirts are provided with labels at the seam at the bottom of the neck and just a small size pip instead of the neck. This makes them some of the easiest on the market to fully customise, if you are looking to create a fully branded garment.

Unisex Stanley Creator T-Shirt – STTU755

The Stanley creator is Stanley / Stella’s most popular garments on the market. This is a wonderful blank garment, as it is unisex and it is made from organic cotton. This is a 180gsm midweight t-shirt and it comes in a wide range of colours and sizes. Unlike a lot of other competitors, the Stanley Creator comes in XS (and XXS in some colours) all the way through to 5XL in certain colours, this means it can truly suit a wide range of clients. This makes it’s a great choice for retail and you are not leaving any of your clients out.

Unisex Stanley Ringer T-Shirt – STTU827

Perhaps you are looking for something that is a little bit different and the Ringer t-shirt provides just that. A plain coloured t-shirt in the body with an accent colour round the neck and around the sleeve.

As with all of Stanley / Stella’s range the garment is 100% organic cotton and comes in a great range of sizes from 2XS up to 2XL.=

Continental Clothing

EP01 – Unisex Classic Jersey T-Shirt

Continental clothing has been focusing on eco-friendly garments before it was standard in the industry. The EP01 is the brand’s core ethical garment, which is climate neutral, meaning producing this garment has no effect on the climate. Harvesting the best organic cotton available and using factories that have green renewable energy, the EP01 is a real positive ethical garment. Available in 31 colours with sizes ranging from XS up to 5XL (on certain colours only) this is a good step into eco garments for brands.

FS01 – Unisex T-Shirt

Similar to the EP01, the FS01 is made using organic cotton. The difference here is that 10p of every t-shirt sale goes directly to help pay living wages to factory workers and cotton pickers. Another great product by Continental and a great garment for printing onto.

B & C

B&C – BA210

This classic t-shirt from B & C is composed using the brand’s high-quality unchanged fabric that has been used for 20 years. This garment is available in 40 colours and it comes in sizes from XS up to 5XL (in certain) colours. This is a real fashion-forward brand and this garment comes in at a very affordable price point.


Anthem is a newer brand on the market but their garments have made a big splash in the past year.

AM010 – Anthem T-Shirt

Currently, Anthem only has one t-shirt on the market but it’s a great product. An organic cotton t-shirt with a great retail fit. It also features a size pip in the neckline, making it easy to rebrand as well. This garment is available in 18 colours with every colour available from XS up to 6XL so makes for a great blank garment for people looking for a range of size. It’s available at a good price point considering it’s organic. A really great product and a brand to keep an eye on.


Gildan GD01 – Softstyle

This is the most commonly used garment in the printing industry. You will likely own one of these garments in your closest somewhere and not even realise. The softstyle is a good quality garment available at a very low price point. They are a great starter t-shirt for brands and provide great value for money.

Gildan GD003 – Hammer

Another great garment from Gildan, the Hammer is a 100% heavyweight t-shirt that is up to 205gsm on coloured garments. This has a smooth printing surface that can really elevate any design and bring it to life. They would be great for people starting streetwear brands and for printed band merchandising.

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Helen Anderton

Content Writer @1WorldPrint