The most popular promotional merchandising from 1WorldPrint

Here at 1WorldPrint, not only do we specialise in printed clothing and garments in the UK, but we also provide a full range of printed promotional merchandise.

We have a catalogue of over 100,000 products and it can be daunting to look at. Even for the most experienced purchaser of promotional items, you want the best product to represent your brand in the best possible way. The perfect promotional product should serve a purpose to the end-user as well as raising brand awareness for your business and increasing interest in your services.
What is the most popular promotional merchandise in the UK?

Why are promotional products important?

Based on a study by Delta Marketing,  it is reckoned that 85% of promotional product recipients remember the advertiser worldwide. It is also thought that 40% of consumers keep promotional products for more than 10 years, so promotional merchandising is something that keeps working as a marketing tool.

Trends can change over time and certain products will come in and out of popularity however, there are lots of staple items that will always be desirable:


There has been a real focus on more eco-friendly products in the past few years and it is thought that nearly half of consumers have more favorable opinions about the advertiser if the promo product they received was environmentally friendly.

With that in mind, why not have a think about these eco-friendly branded notepads. They come with 50 sheets of recycled paper inside with a recycled craft cover on the front. They also come in various sizes including A4, A5, and A6. This is an ideal product for brands looking to increase their eco-friendly merchandising.


Branded mugs are something that won’t go out of style. This is a product that is always handy for consumers, as it can be used in the office or at home. Consumers also carry these about in the office and potentially get shown off to new people.

Our best-selling mugs are our Cambridge mugs. This is a classic ceramic mug available in a range of colours ready to be directly screen printed at a reasonable price. These are stored ready to be printed so we can get them to you pretty quickly.


This is a forever useful product. Printed promotional pens combine function with a great giveaway at your events, or can even be used as in-house office stationery. These are cost-effective and the turnaround time can be less than a week, depending on the quantity ordered.

If you are perhaps looking for a more eco-friendly printed pen, we have a similar style pen available in bamboo. A sustainable and biodegradable product that can be refilled. As well as a great conversation starter about bamboo products, which are becoming increasingly popular.


A fantastic travel companion, these printed promotional Thermo Mugs are great for people on the go who want to take their favourite drink with them. These will also make for great corporate gifts or as part of a welcome gift pack for new staff. A highly popular and cost-effective, double-wall insulated travel mug made featuring a hook handle and a screw-on lid with slide action seal. A sufficient 400ml (14oz) capacity that offers a great branding space.


Branded lanyards can be used in multiple different ways, they can be great for staff members to keep keys and access cards close to them. They are essential for events and trade shows for people to keep their accreditation on hand. Printed lanyards have been around forever and show no sign of being replaced.

We have plenty of options for lanyards, with our best-selling lanyard being our screen printed layer woven lanyards, which come Pantone Matched as standard. These include a standard black Safety Break and a choice of either 4 fittings; Thumb Trigger, J-Hook, Split Ring, or Bulldog/Crocodile Clip. Available in either 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, or 25mm.
We also have a range of dye sublimation printed lanyards, the best example being the Ultra-Smooth Polyester Full Colour Printed Lanyards. These would be fitted with a Trigger Clip and Black Plastic Safety Break as Standard.

For the more eco-conscious businesses, we also have lanyards made from recycled material. Sublimation PET lanyards printed with the highest quality inks and materials.

Includes safety break and your choice of attachment. Also available in 10 mm, 15mm & 25 mm


Branded drinkware is always great for raising awareness about your brand and using a more eco-friendly metal water bottle will say a lot about you. This is the sort of product that will really wow your customers. Our metal bottles have a 630ml capacity and are made from Stainless Steel. Available in a range of bright gloss colours. Comes with a safety lid to prevent leaking. They would be presented in an individual box.


A promotional golf umbrella is a really great merchandising product regardless of your industry. They offer a lot of branding space and can be used to keep customers dry during visits to your location. This is a high impact option that can serve your clients and colleagues well. Our quantum golf umbrella comes with a steel Frame and Fibreglass Ribs, a Wood Effected Handle and a Soft Feel Poly Pongee Canopy. You can pick the number of panels you want to be printed to help your budget and full sublimation is also available on the white panels.


Even as more companies move onto more cloud-based programmes and we push towards a wireless age, promotional USB’s are still proving popular and have not been forgotten about, as many predicted they would. The USB is still an important promotional item amongst all generations of consumers. USB flash drives are versatile and useful which leads to people keeping hold of them. They can come pre-loaded with information making them ideal for giveaways for customers looking to learn more about your company.

Why not think about getting an eco-friendly promotional USB flash drive with our bamboo flash drive


As our smart devices become increasingly popular in our lives with heavier usage, it is ideal to keep a power bank handy to top your phone up / IPad with a bit more battery. This is a really fantastic way to show off your brand. They are available in various battery sizes and the shape of the power bank can even be moulded into a bespoke shape, so if Royal Mail wanted some Branded Powerbanks for example, we would recommend them being letter shaped. You get the idea.

One of our newest products is the Jupiter power bank with its 2200mAh Lithium-Ion battery. These are available in a variety of vibrant, shimmery shades, it will keep you stylishly connected throughout the day with approx 1 full smartphone charge.

If you are looking for a slightly larger capacity with the ability to charge your phone 2 or 3 times, then the XD 1000 MHA might be the best option for you. This is a metal-based promotional power bank meaning it is a slightly more upscale product

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Helen Anderton

Content Writer @1WorldPrint