Screen Printing

Screen Printing is our most popular printing technique. The popularity is partly due to the durability, and also the speed at which it can be produced, not forgetting the fantastic value for money. Screen printing involves images being printing onto acetate paper, and then burned out a mesh screen. We can use almost all our garments for this technique, including screen printed t-shirts, screen printed sweatshirts and screen printed polo shirts. We also provide screen printed tote bags, which can be a great cost effective branding product for you and your brand. We also provide screen printing transfer, which has the durability of screen printing, but flexibility of transfer printing. This means it can be placed in unusual places, which is common in our workwear range. For every colour that is printed onto the garment, we need to create an individual screen which can take up to 45 minutes per screen. The ink is mixed according to the Pantone Matching System which allows for a universal matching of printed colours, so if your brand needs an particular pantone colour (which is essential for larger brands), please let us know and we can print using that exact colour. For screen printing, artwork is best provided as a vector image (.ai, .eps or vectored PDF) which allows us scale the artwork to whatever width is required. Screen printing is recommended from 20 units upwards, and with scale, the more you order the cheaper the unit price will become for the order. This is due to the initial set up cost when creating the screens. As well as standard plastisol ink screen printing (the most common used ink), we also offer some specialist inks, of which more details can be found below, including water based ink and the increasingly popular glow in the dark ink.

Screen Printing

The most commonly used ink and probably the one you have seen most.

This allows for the best colour match on the printed garments, and provides the best value for money.

Discharge Ink

This process involves us bleaching the dye from the garment, which provides a softer finish / feel to the print on the garment. 

Becoming increasingly popular every year, and not something every company offers.

Waterbased Ink

The most eco friendly screen printing technique. These inks produce an amazing finish that is soft to touch.

Water based inks work best on light or white garments.

Full Process (CMYK)

This process allows for full colour images to be printed using screen printing with the addition of colour separations, which our art department specialise in. The artwork is needed to calculate the amount of screens needed for this.

Metallic Ink

This process allows us to print simmer and sparkly metallic ink directly onto the garment, which allows for a finish that stands out and provides an extra sparkle.

Puff Ink

Puff printing allows for an eye catching raised 3D print that sits on top of the garment. The final garment creates a unique image for your brand.

Glow in the Dark Ink

Glow In The Dark ink does as it says on the tin, and allows the ink to glow when in a dark room. The print will be grey in the light, but creates a glow in the dark illusion in the dark.

Screen Print Transfer

Screen Print Transfer is a technique that allows a long lasting printing solution if the positioning on the garment is in a more unusual place, and won’t fit on the pallet.