Printed personalised socks available in the UK from 1Worldprint

With printed socks becoming more and more popular by the year, 1WorldPrint is delighted to offer a full range of high-quality custom socks.

We have access to the latest knitting machinery, which allows for finer details to be sewn, so 1WorldPrint is ideal for your next printed sock campaign.

We offer various different sock cuts from low-cut sneaker socks all the way up to knee-high socks, and everything in between.

Our socks can also come in specialist packaging, which could be something as simple as a box, to something a little more complex such as a metal tin. These products have been used by our clients in various sectors as a novel and entertaining way to present their brand to their clients.

Eco-Friendly printed Socks

The real star of the show within our sock range is the upcycled sock. These socks are made using yarn from textile waste. Upcycled socks are a real must-have product, they have a good branding area to help promote your company, as well as a good nod to your eco-consciousness. The upcycled sock is now an award-winning product, having been awarded the best promotional item in 2020. In order to further enhance the eco-friendliness of these printed socks, we can provide these socks in decomposable bags as well.

Custom Socks Your Way

With our sock range being knitted to your specification it means they can be created customised to you and your brand. We also produce a different range of sizes and styles as well. Hopefully the attached images can help spark some ideas and provide inspiration for your printed socks.

Low Cut Printed Socks

The low-cut socks are best for a classic trainer sock as they sit just above the ankle. These are commonly used as athletic socks, as they are no-show socks that you would not see over your trainers.

classic crew Printed Socks

This is our most popular sock which sits just below the calf. This is the sock size that most people would recognise. It offers a lot of branding space meaning you can create a bold and eye-catching design.

Knee Length printED socks

Knee-length socks can be used as sports socks with a large branding area. They can also be used for a nice cosy comfort sock or even in fashion.

Sock packaging

For something that is a little more unique we provide socks that have been packaged in a tailored way especially for your brand. Personalised packaging really offers the finishing touch and adds the wow factor to the end user.

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Helen Anderton

Content Writer @1WorldPrint