Printed AS Colour Garments from 1WorldPrint

Did you know we are an official AS Colour printer?

With ethically sourced high-quality, comfortable products, a focus on reducing plastic usage and a commitment to becoming as eco-friendly as possible, we feel that working with AS Colour is a perfect match for us at 1WorldPrint.

We want to introduce you to AS Colour in the best possible way – a look at their most popular garments and guidance on how we can brand them using our various printing techniques. This will also hopefully guide you on which garment style is best suited to your needs.



This is our most commonly used t-shirt for AS Colour. They are available at a very reasonable price and provide fantastic value for money. These t-shirts can be used time and time again. The Staple Tee is 100% combed cotton, meaning they are very soft to touch.

We can screen print this garment using all of our various screen printing techniques, such as plastisol screen printing, meaning we can provide an exact Pantone match with the ink we print on the t-shirt.

Due to the composition of the t-shirt being 100%, we can also direct to garment print onto these garments, which provide high quality, full-colour prints. By providing a better product than your competition, you can really stand out from the crowd.

Printed AS Colour T-Shirts | Available from 1WorldPrint

Printed AS Colour Long Sleeve



As the winter months close in, you may want to think about a move away from the standard t shirt. AS Colour long sleeve garments are composed of 100% carded cotton. A long sleeve t-shirt is a versatile staple in many wardrobes, making this an ideal choice for you or your client.

The long sleeve option can also be screen printed , in-fact the vast majority of the AS Colour selection allow for screen printing. We also provide Direct to Garment printing on the Mens Base Long Sleeve. For these garments, we can print down the sleeves using screen printing and direct to garment.

Only certain machinery allows for printing Direct to Garment down the sleeves, that not every supplier has access to, as it can be a little complex. Here at 1WorldPrint, we have invested in the machinery and can provide vibrant full colour prints down the sleeves.

Printed AS Colour Long Sleeve T-Shirts | Available from 1WorldPrint

Printed AS Colour SWEATSHIRT


These premium heavyweight crew neck sweatshirts will be great for the coming winter months. 350g sweatshirts composed of 100% Cotton French Terry will provide a soft feeling but will keep you warm and cosy this winter.

The great thing about these sweatshirts is that we can use all of our main printing techniques to decorate them. As they are 100% cotton, they can be direct to garment printed, as well as screen printed. Due to them being heavyweight, they can be embroidered with ease. When using embroidery, we always recommend using a heavyweight garment to withstand the pressure of the needles, and these AS Colour sweatshirts are ideal for this.

Printed AS Colour Sweatshirts | Available from 1WorldPrint

Printed AS Colour Hoodies


AS Colour provide a great range of hoodies, so it’s difficult to showcase just one of them. The Supply hoodie is the entry-level hoodie from AS Colour, which is a great product at an affordable cost. This is a mid-weight garment composed of 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester. Due to the composition of the garment, the supply hoodie is ideal for Direct to Garment printing. This isn’t always the case with hoodies, so this is a fantastic option for anyone looking to provide full colour printed hoodies to their clients. As with the sweatshirt, these are heavier garments, which means they can be easily be embroidered. There is also the option of pairing this garment with the 5917 Surplus Track Pant to create a full tracksuit, that could be fully branded.



A well-fitted, stylish polo isn’t always the easiest thing to source, but AS Colour has it nailed with the Chad Polo. This fashion-forward polo shirt will make a wardrobe a happier place, regardless of your use for it. These polo shirts can be screen printed and also embroidered due to the heavyweight matetial. The garment is 100% combed cotton, however, we do not recommend Direct to Garment printing onto polo shirts due to the weave of the garment.


There’s information on the AS Colour’s website about their environmental and social commitments.

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Helen Anderton

Content Writer @1WorldPrint