Looking To Find The Best Printing Company? Here Is What To Look For.

When you are looking for a company to become a preferred supplier for your personalised clothing and merchandise needs, it is very important you keep in mind the competition in the UK is very high. Whatever you are looking for, be it starting your own brand, to printed or embroidered workwear, there are plenty of businesses in the UK that offers the services you require. 

So with so much choice out there, how do you work out which company is the right one for you and your business? Great question and 1WorldPrint are here to help you find the needle in the haystack.

First-Class Customer Service

This should come as standard, but if you have experienced bad customer service, which we’re sure you have, you will understand this is not to be taken for granted. 

The way you are serviced determines your opinion of a company almost instantly. From the first phone call (was it answered in a polite manner?), or the first email (how quick was the reply, and did you get the answers you required?). If your first contact to us is by phone, you can tell almost instantly if the person on the other end of the phone enjoys their job, or are simply there to pick up a cheque at the end of the week. 

You only get one chance of giving a good first impression. 

Communication Levels:

There is a difference between someone replying quickly to emails, and somebody replying in an efficient manner. The trick is to find a company where you get a quick AND efficient reply. There is nothing worse than receiving an email that answers 50% of the questions you have asked, or asked you for the information you have already provided. Time is money, and there is nothing more frustrating than inefficiencies. 

In the printing industry, there are so many variables, and the best account managers often have the most experience. Things to look out for in an account manager

  1. Will have an interest in your project.

  2. They ask questions that allow them to understand the project and allow processes to flow efficiently.

  3. Allow you to take the lead, but also offer ideas using their experience in the industry.

  4. Manage expectations. Tell you when something is simply not possible. “No” is a hard word to hear, but can save so much time and pain in the long run, and more often than not there are alternatives.

  5. Attention to detail. This is simply vital in the printing industry

  6. Forward-thinking. Always thinking of your next project, working hand in hand with you

You will able to work out for yourself within the first couple of interactions if the person you are dealing with is on your wavelength, and if their attention to detail is as you would be expecting. 

Having an interest in your project is something that is hard to act, even for the best salesperson, so I believe it becomes very obvious if the person at the other end of the phone/computer has a genuine interest in what you are doing. 

Review Platforms:

In the age of the internet, many people are now checking review platforms to find out if other customers had a pleasant experience. This tends to give honest feedback on how they have been treated, and the quality of the products they have received. 
While review platforms can be very handy, please be wary, as testimonials can be out of context or even faked. A vague tone in the review is ofter a red flag. When someone writes something really vague, such as “Great service”, it doesn’t really go into the depth required to gain your trust. 

Experience Within The Industry

The more experience you have within the industry, the more knowledge you should have. This allows the best decisions to be made, with a minimum of fuss. When talking to someone who knows what they are talking about, it automatically puts your mind at ease and makes it much easier to put your trust in them.

Manage Expectations

Often one of the first questions you will hear at 1WorldPrint is “what is your budget?”. Don’t worry, this is not to squeeze every last penny out of customers, but is asked to ensure you are getting as much as possible for your money.  Why get a lesser quality t-shirt when your budget allows for a higher quality garment? You tend to get what you pay for, and this goes for the end customer too, which allows you to charge a little more for better quality. Nobody likes to buy cheap and to buy twice.

Artwork Guidelines:

An artwork department is vital for a printing company. In an ideal world, all artwork is provided in the correct format for the printing technique being used, but with different guidelines for different techniques, it isn’t always the case.  Especially for customers who are ordering for the first time. 

A company that offers artwork redraws or slight edits can be worth its weight in gold. (1WorldPrint offers both artwork redraws and artwork edits if required)

A Strong Catalogue

T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polos, tote bags are just some of the options you should be able to have easy access to in a printer’s catalogue. The more options you have, the better the chance you have of finding the perfect blank garment to suit your needs. 

Once the blank garment has been chosen or recommended, you should then be advised what printing technique would be the best option considering the material of the garment and the artwork that is to be used.

Visual Approvals

Any printing company you deal with should always be sending you a visual approval before the full order is sent to print. 
This ensures all the details are correct before pressing go and should include the garment codes, the garment colour and sizes, the print sizes, and the print colours used.

This will always be the last chance to make any changes, so always check the visual very carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask for changes to be made if you wish. 

Delivery Options

Most printing companies now have various delivery options, or at least should. At 1WorldPrint, the standard delivery is five to seven business days, and we also offer an express service, which is a one to three-day service. 

Come see what 1WorldPrint can do for you.

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Helen Anderton

Content Writer @1WorldPrint