Continental Clothing and 1WORLDPRINT – A perfect partnership

Here at 1WorldPrint we are lucky enough to work with some amazing suppliers that help make it a pleasure to come into work. As you will see from our AS Colour Blog, we like to feature some of the brands we have a close working relationship with, and today it is the turn of Continental Clothing.  

Choosing the correct blank garment for your print run is one of, if not THE most important decision you will have to make. If you are selling the products on you want your audience to notice and feel the quality of the garments. The better the quality of the garment, the easier it is to print on, allowing for the best results. Continental Clothing garments allow for various printing techniques, such as screen printing, embroidery, and Direct To Garment printing

The print is always going to look better on quality blanks. This is where our friends at Continental Clothing excel. A trusted blank clothing supplier who was one of the first in the UK to offer an ethical option, which is very much commonplace in 2021, and at the front of a lot of our client’s minds.

The various brand Continental Clothing offer

Starting off from their head office in London in 1996 Continental Clothing really took the UK by storm, quickly became a well-known name within the printing industry, and immediately established connections within the music industry, both in the UK and throughout Europe, supplying blanks to some of the biggest acts around at the time. If you happen to have a t-shirt you bought when attending a gig, there is a good chance the t-shirt will be a Continental Clothing garment. 

Continental Clothing has always made garments that are specifically made to print or embroider on, so if you choose the right printer / embroider, you really can’t go wrong. They are also always on the front foot when it comes to new products, whilst maintaining their supply chain adheres to their ethically sourced business model. 

Here we will have a look at Continental Clothing’s products:


The Continental Collection offers a selection of garments that are specifically made for printing and embroidery. These garments have a reputation of being a joy to print on, making them popular with print managers around Europe. Even the best tradesmen like to use the best tools.

Continental Collection | Available Now From 1WorldPrint


Salvage Clothing is an eco-friendly range of apparel that consists of 100% recycled materials. These garments are made from organic cotton cuttings and locally sourced plastic bottles which are then blended together and make for fantastic fabrics.

Continental Clothing Salvage Range | Available Now From 1WorldPrint


A particular favourite here at 1WorldPrint, Continental ensures that the workers producing the garments earn a Real Living Wage. We are strong believers in the Real Living Wage in the UK, so think this is a very good initiative from Continental Clothing. 

Continental Clothing Fair Share Range | Available Now From 1WorldPrint


Does as It says on the tin. The Earth Positive range offers a wide range of clothing that concentrates on ethical, sustainable, and organic. This range is very popular with our clients here at 1WorldPrint. 

We are proud to have a strong relationship with Continental, and can only see this getting stronger as the World becomes more eco-friendly. The feedback from clients who order Continental Clothing from us is always positive, and we always look forward to printing on their garments.

Continental Clothing Earth Positive Range | Available Now From 1WorldPrint

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Helen Anderton

Content Writer @1WorldPrint